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Looking for your next t-shirt fix? We’ve got you covered…

It’s Saturday night and you’re going out with the boys, but a stuffy shirt isn’t your style. Forever a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, you’re looking for something a little more casual but with a stand-out edge. Enter our baroque tees. More than just a basic, these tees stand on the right side of the smart-casj dress code. Whether you like loud prints or more subtle designs, we have the one for you and your next big night out.


Once the warmer sets in, it’s time to refresh your basics. This season re-introduce colour to your wardrobe, starting with the building blocks. Although a classic white tee will always be a staple, we’re looking to soft purples, light blues and punchy oranges to add something to your favourite jeans and tee look. Your weekend uniform just got bright.


Whether sporty is your style or you’re into luxe lounging, we have the tees for you. Add a preppy edge to your style this summer with collegiate stripes, retro 90s logos and raglan finishes. Team with your best jeans for days out, or they look just as good on the sofa with your trusty joggers. Just because you look sporty, it doesn’t mean you have to be sporty.


You know what style you want, now it’s time to find your perfect fit.