What To Wear This Bank Holiday With Grace Victory…

Summer is here (sort of), and with it the perfect excuse to go out and play. From wedding to garden party, it’s time to rediscover (buy new) occasion wear and make a game plan for surviving your social calendar with some decorum (ahem). It’s not always easy to swap your go-to jeans for fancy threads and come out feeling like you, so we invited some friends of RI to Liverpool’s Style Studio to talk dressing up without selling out. We also grilled them on their social diaries, in hope we might live vicariously through their fabulous lives. Our third and final instalment is with blogger babe, writer and presenter, Grace Victory who shows us how to nail bank holiday style…

What’s the occasion?

A bank holiday BBQ! I feel like warm weather in the UK is worth celebrating and what better way than with food?!

Is there a dress code?  

Cute and comfortable for sure.

Why is it special? 

Food and sunshine brings people together and puts everyone in the mood. Homemade cocktails will also have to be involved.

Got a plus one? 

I’ll bring everyone (that I like…) 

What do you hope is on the menu?

All different types of salad, bread, dips and obviously burgers, hot dogs and chicken. 

Do you have a strategy for lasting the day/night? 

Comfortable shoes and make sure you get a table lol. I also believe in going home when you're ready so that the night isn't drawn out. 

Which party person will you be? 

OMG I am definitely the buffet lurker and the dancer. You'll find me dancing next to the food.

What’s the question your distant family/friends always ask?

Someone spilling a drink on my open toe heels lol. And obviously creepy men trying to talk to me.

What’s the question your distant family/friends always ask?

They usually mention my Instagram followers.

Do you have a signature dance move?

Not really, I’m a good dancer though so everyone better watch out. I love a hair flick!

By the time I leave, I’ll be…

Tired and ready to go to bed.

Do you have a killer/funny event story to share? 

After a night out this guy wouldn’t stop talking to me and my friend when we were waiting for a cab but then went on to drop his bucket of KFC chicken. Don't you just love karma.

Talk to us about your look… 

It’s colourful, vibrant and loud. It demands attention and I love it. The green dress is definitely out of my comfort zone but it looks great on. I love the print clash with the heels which again, isn’t what I my comfort zone but I think it really works with the rest of the outfit. The jacket is INCREDIBLE and something I plan on wearing all through summer. The tassels are so sassy.