Watch: #AnEveningWith Vanessa White

Missed our latest instalment of #AnEveningWith over on Facebook Live? Boy, did you miss a good’un! It was the gorgeous Vanessa White’s (of The Saturdays fame, in case you needed reminding) turn in the hot seat where she was spilling her style secrets, sharing some serious LOLs over her past fashion fails and a few tips for petite dressing too.

No need for FOMO though, we captured the whole thing so you can watch it right here – thank us later…

There was so much we wanted to know… so we grabbed 5 mins with Vanessa:

‘Sum up your style in just 3 words’

 “Low-key, glam, comfy”

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

"There isn’t necessarily just one person who’s a style inspiration to me, it’s more of a collective of people – so often its random Instagram accounts I stumble across!”

Which trends are you loving for autumn/winter?

"Definitely the sports and streetwear trends! I love the fact I can get away with being comfy in a tracksuit getting stuff done in the day and then glam it up ready for the evening by wearing a pair of heels.”

Who are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

1. My 90s RnB love, @Cassie, I’m a little bit obsessed with her…

2. @Zendaya is super talent plus she’s has some amazing style. 

3. Another fave is @Highsnobiety

What’s been your biggest fashion faux pas?

“Oh gosh, there’s been so many!! I’m getting flashbacks of way too many neon colours and far too much PVC."

Haven’t heard Vanessa’s latest solo material ‘Chapter Two’? Where’ve you been? It’s on reeeepeat in the RI office, but you can download it right here: 

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