Remember when you were younger and you would beg your mum to get you some knickers with the days of the week on them? With the days all blurring into each other at the mo, we could really do with some of those to help us out, but how about we do it with tops instead? We all know that tops are our wardrobe heroes at the mo, with all of the zooming we’re doing, so we’ve got our must-have tops for every mood of the week. Keep them on rotation and you won’t have to worry about what to throw on with your pyjama bottoms ever again!

Monday is always the hardest day of the week, so we think you should be as comfy as possible to make the transition from bed to desk (dining room table or sofa) as easy as possible. This hoodie still looks good enough to wear in any meetings and it’ll keep you snug!

On a Tuesday you’re getting into your flow, the week has started and you’re feeling good so you want to look good too! Comfort is still a priority so how about this pastel lilac cardi? Wear the matching cami and trousers for extra put-together points.

Well-being Wednesday is one of our fave days of the week so take some time out for you and wear something to aid that! Whether you’re doing some lunchtime yoga or you ease yourself into a little meditation, this is the top to do it in.

We’re over the hump and fast-approaching the end of the week! Add a little glitz to your day, while keeping it casual with this diamante denim shirt. This is your work-appropriate homage to Britney and her denim and diamante look. Work-appropriate Justin not included*

It’s Feel Good Friday which can only mean one thing - sequins! Sparkle for your meetings and get everyone in the Friday mood and once you’ve clocked off for the day, this is the perfect thing to go into those virtual drinks with the girls.

Saturdays are for date night so slip into this boujee little silky shirt! Whether you’re having date night at home or virtually, use it as an excuse to get dressed up and feel your best. This top will be sure to impress!

Sunday is the day of relaxing so back to loungewear we go! This doesn’t mean get into your slobs, we’re all about luxe lounging, so slip into RI Intimates and go for this matching cardi, top and leggings combo. We promise you’ll feel so good you’ll forget about the Sunday scaries!