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The RI Good News Round Upp

Here at RI we like to be as positive as we can, even in a time of uncertainty. To give you (and us, tbh) some light relief, we’ll be rounding up the good news we’ve come across as well as the latest from our #IslandersAtHome and some cute animal pics for good measure. Were you a fan of our weekly Trending Now feature? Don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our Celeb Moment and Funniest Tweet! Let’s go…

While we may be out an about a bit more these days, we’re still spending a lot of time at home which is the perfect time to transition to natural hair. @jameliaisobsessed is here to help…

It’s estimated that the paint used in these murals have the air-cleaning power of 780! The goal for the entire project is that the art will eventually equal 3000 trees! Amazing.

As soon as September rolls around, we start to mentally prepare for winter. This cute little guy is always prepared for winter! Follow @jmpddu for more cold-weather cuties.

Lady Gaga killed it at the VMAs this year, scooping 5 awards and sporting even more masks throughout the night. It may not have been what we’re used to from an award show but she made it pretty special!

Love podcasts? Why don’t you start your own? Sonia, one half of the On Our Plates podcast and RI HQ hun, shares her top tips with us.

If you know, you know…