The Digital Dad Gift Guide
With lockdown taking over our lives, we need to think of more creative ways to stay in touch and celebrate special days! Thinking of Father’s Day gifts might be difficult in the best of times, but don’t worry, we’re here with a fool-proof gift guide so you know exactly what to get your dad based on his relationship with technology. Whether he’s a wannabe TikTok star or if isolation has made him even more of a technophobe, we’ve got the intel… 
The 'Total Technophobe' Dad

Ok, so the ‘Total Technophobe’ dad is the type of guy that still uses a landline, enjoys a TV guide and hasn’t quite grasped the concept of email. This guy can be tricky to buy for because you can’t wow him with the latest tech, so we say it’s all about the pants and socks. We know that may seem like a cop-out gift but we’re RI, even our pants and socks are stylish! 

The 'I'll Give You A Call' Dad
The ‘I’ll Give You A Call’ dad isn’t quite as fearful of tech as the ‘Total Technophobe’ dad – he even owns a smart phone! He can work his way through Google, has a grasp of WhatsApp but he still prefers a good old-fashioned phone call, rather than a FaceTime. Since he doesn’t have to keep up appearances over the video chat, treat him to a comfy tracksuit he can kick back in. 

The 'WFH' Dad

Whether working from home is new for him or he’s always had an office set-up at home, the ‘WFH’ dad means business. Zoom meeting fill his hours but since he’s not showing up at work, he can afford to be a bit more casual with his uniform. Jeans are an absolute must and this polo shirt and jacket combo means he looks smart up top but with a stylish edge. His work colleagues are going to be impressed.

The 'Zoom Party' Dad

The ‘Zoom Party’ dad is really embracing the online social life that lockdown has forced us to explore and he loves a good Zoom party. Give him a virtual room of his friends and family or a quiz and he’s a happy man. He’s the life and soul of the party so he definitely needs a funky, printed shirt to get him keep up the vibes. An accessory like a fedora wouldn’t go amiss either… 

The ‘Down With The Kids’ Dad
And finally, we have the ‘Down With The Kids’ dad. This dad probably knows more about tech than you, always has the latest gadgets and yes, he made a TikTok account even before you did. His extra hours in lockdown have found him learning the latest dances and being a comedy king. He needs a stand-out, on-trend, head-to-toe look for his next online performance.

Time to treat your dad!