Stages of Making New Years Resolutions in 2019

2019 is here and with it, the long list of New Year’s resolutions we make without fail. Don’t eat carbs, don’t text your ex, don’t skip the gym – it can all get so negative, right? These are the stages we all go through making resolutions…

December 2018

The run up to Christmas has resulted in what can only be described as calorie chaos. Mince pies for breakfast, copious gingerbread lattes and so many baked Camemberts we’ve lost count. We make a mental note to start using that gym membership we’ve neglected this month.

January 1st 2019

What’s that thumping noise? Oh wait. It’s our heads. If only we could leave our hangovers in 2018! Welcoming in the New Year with a magnum of Prosecco seemed like such a good idea at the time…

January 2nd 2019

Day two of 2019 is a little less horizontal. We wake up feeling reborn - minus the pounding head. Winning. Now to start that list of resolutions. Mediate each night, ask for that pay rise, book that dentist appointment we’ve been putting off every month. We’ve got this people!

January 3rd 2019

Unwillingly, we resume normality and head back to work. Each meeting diverts into a rundown of everyone sharing their resolutions with everyone sipping green smoothies. Yoga at sunrise? We’re adding that to our list!

January 31st 2019

The green smoothies have started dwindle, bar Lyndsay from HR who’s still flying the juice flag and the regular office snacks have resumed service. We’ve missed you biscuit tin! Meanwhile, we’re stifling our yawns thanks to that 7am sunrise yoga session we’ve actually managed to stick to! Who’s smashed it? We have!

So for 2019, we’re making a pact: January will become Canuary. Yes you can eat carbs– they’re really not the devil. You can block your ex so you don’t see their life updates. You can sign up to a new gym class and skip it if you’re feeling tired. Let’s flip resolutions on their heads!