Olly Murs | The Interview

He has the Moves and a brand-new River Island collection too; it’s fair to say November is popping off for Mr Murs. We were delighted to sip the tea (and have a fangirl moment) with him at the Olly Murs x River Island launch in London last week. From collection must-haves to his unique Christmas plans and the scoop on that Snoop collab, we got up close and personal with our man of the moment. 

The collection has finally launched, have you been inundated with messages?

I have, a lot of my mates have been contacting me saying they love it, I think they are looking for freebies!! (laughs).  I’ve had a load of fans saying, ‘well that’s Christmas presents sorted’ and tagging their boyfriends saying you need to get this. The response has been phenomenal really.

Talk us through tonight’s look…

I’m going to be in the check suit with the mustard polo shirt underneath. You’ll very rarely see me in a suit with smart shoes, most of time I'll be wearing trainers - it’s a bit slicker and you stand out more. Tonight, I’m wearing mine with white kicks. 

For those who haven’t seen it yet, give us three words to describe the collection…

Versatile, slick and fun.

You’re releasing You Know I Know on Friday… tell us something we don’t know (about you)?

I’m a massive Morrissey fan, I think people wouldn’t think that of me because it’s obviously a different style to the music I create, but opposites attract, don’t they?! I love his voice, I love his style - he’s an icon.

Give us the scoop on Snoop, how did that come about? 

It was just an idea we had in the studio and thought can we get him, and we did. We contacted his management and label and he jumped on the track and wanted to do it. He didn’t do the video though, which was a bit frustrating.

In Moves you go through a bit of a transformation from geek to heartthrob – do you have a geeky side?

I’m definitely a bit of a geek at heart. The message in the video is that in the end you don’t have to be a particular kind of guy to get the girl. Ed [Sheeran] wrote the song, from his side it’s like ‘I don’t dance, I play the guitar but I’m going to come and dance with you because you’re amazing’ and we really followed that vibe in the video. I actually got loads of attention when I was dressed like a geek, when I went back to the quiff, it all fell a bit flat. 

Last time we met, you said you’d like a GF for Christmas… what hints should we be giving Santa about your dream girl?

Did I really, how desperate do I sound? (laughs) Erm, that she shouldn’t read the papers, or have heard any of my music and I hope she likes a big forehead. 

Do you have any signature Moves you pull out on a date? 

I think the most important thing on a date is to just be a gentleman and try and be polite and respectful, as my mum taught me. There’re no real moves, if they like me for me then that’s great and if they don’t then it’s adios amigo. 

You’ve been confirmed to the return to The Voice 2019, what do you love about the show?

I love the idea of being able to change someone’s life, I think that’s a powerful thing to be able to do and help with. Second for me is just being on the show and with the other coaches, getting to have fun and banter with them; there’s a lot of chemistry between us. 

Which of your fellow coaches would you go to for dating advice?

It has to be Tom Jones (he’s allegedly good with the ladies) he’s got the Welsh smoothness.

Which one’s wardrobe would you steal? 

Tom wears lovely suits and Will likes to be a bit outside the box - but he’s a bit too adventurous for me. I might nick a suit from Tom and a pair of trainers and a quirky top from Will. 

What’s been your highlight of 2018?

Right now, at this moment it has to be the River Island collection, I genuinely mean that and (of course) my album coming out. On a serious note though, my Nana getting the all clear following an operation she had this year and seeing her recover, that’s the most important thing from 2018 for me and my family.