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This season, we’re going All Inclusive (again). Because sometimes, one holiday just isn’t enough, right? Forget basic buffet food, we’re talking red hot holiday style. From bikinis and cover-ups to dresses and sunnies, we’ve got everything you need to take your getaway from meh to hell yeah. We jetted off to Mykonos, Greece with a few of our closest friends in tow to talk us through their must-have packing pieces. We meet @taniabdarling…

Introduce yourself. 

I’m Tania B. 

What’s your classic holiday style? 

I like girly looks with a slight edge -  I usually go for 90's influences.

Who would you take on a family holiday? 

My sister and my niece. 

Where would you go?

Somewhere in the French Riviera. 

What’s the first thing you do when you turn your OOO on?

I never turn it on and I know that’s bad but I just can't help myself!

How do you manage pre-holiday anxiety? 

I try to do mental checklist a few days before the trip to make sure I'm on top of it all. 

What do you have on your checklist? 

SPF, a hat, a new book on my Kindle and a portable speaker.

What’s your airport style?  

Usually very comfortable! Most of the time I opt for tracksuits bottoms and sweatshirts.

Top tips for a stylish/stress-free flight?

Make it to the airport on time and make sure you packed properly.

What would be your go-to outfit on a hot summer night to a party?

I'm really into playsuits and comfortable sandals at the moment. But you also can't beat a good two piece. My go-to is a crop top and satin midi skirt.  

What does your beach/pool kit look like? 

I have SPF for both my hair and my body, shades, a hat, my phone and a portable speaker.  

Why do you go on holiday? 

I travel so much for work but when I go on holiday, I try to switch off and have a social media detox for few days in order to recharge batteries and gain a fresh appreciation for life 

What’s the best thing about coming home?

Netflix and my bed!

Tania's must-pack pieces…