Ever wondered what it’s like to work at River Island? Well, now you can find out. Meet Islander Jade, our fabulous Lead Photographer at Head Office.

While it definitely isn’t business as usual, Jade is back in the studio and back doing what she does best – shooting gorgeous content! From studio secrets to legendary lip sync battles, Jade spills all the tea and more. Keep reading for an exclusive inside scoop …


How long have you been working at River Island?

I’ve been working here for seven and a half years now and I’ve loved every minute of it.

How did you get the job?

I actually started as a studio assistant and I’ve just worked my way up from there.

What made you want to become a photographer?

Just the creativity of it, I love being creative and coming up with new images every day.

Do you take photographs in your spare time and if so what is your favourite thing to shoot?

I do! I recently bought a new puppy, so she is currently my favourite thing to photograph. I’m obsessed!

Is there a phrase that you over use at work?

‘Next’ which the stylists absolutely hate me for because every time I finish an outfit I'm like ‘next!’

How would your team describe you?

I’d like to think they’d describe me as fun but also a little bit annoying with my singing.

So, you sing a lot?

All the time, I’m a nightmare. I do love a bit of Cheryl Cole.

What would you wear if you needed a bit of a boost?

It would always be a good pair of earrings I think just to brighten up the day.

What can’t you get through the work day without?

Chocolate! My 3:30pm fix every day, 100%.


Is this a normal work day for you?

Yeah definitely. We shoot every day on models; two sets and we have to shoot 40 outfits a day.

Forty? That’s a lot!

Yeah but it’s quite easy to get through especially with the music on.

How are you shooting models now?

Yeah, it’s great to have them back. It’s a little bit harder now obviously because we have to social distance. We also have to wait 72 hours to quarantine the product after we’ve finished shooting. So that can be a little bit difficult but other than that it’s great.

How do you feel about being back?

I love it! I love being reunited with everyone. It's nice to just have lunches with other people so yeah, I love it.

Give us a taste of what your life in lockdown was like?

My life in lockdown was hard. I was meant to be getting married this July and have had to move it to next year. My sister also had to reschedule her wedding and we both had Covid, so I was so glad when I got the call to come back to work.

Any tips for people who are finding getting back into their work routine a challenge?

Try to stay positive and make sure you have lots of chocolate snacks at hand.

Describe River Island in three words

I would say cool, sassy and bold.

Do you have a favourite memory of working at River Island?

My favourite memories are the day after the Christmas parties and getting all the gossip of what happened the night before!


What motivates you?

Being creative definitely.

What is the sign of a great working day?

Chocolate and wine after work.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you at work?

The funniest thing is we had a lip sync battle between myself and a retoucher!

Was it Cheryl Cole?

No, it wasn’t actually. A bit of Britney!

Who would you love to photograph?

Obviously Kate Moss.

Who would you love to photograph you?

Jon Gorrigan.

What makes a good Islander?

Being fun!

What do all Islanders have in common?

Probably a love of fashion.

Can you tell me a River Island secret?

No but I wish I could!

One more thing, why’s it called River Island?

Good question I don’t actually know!