International Friendship Day | @joeydarlinn + @emaliex talk fashion and friendship…
If this year has taught us anything it’s that our friends get us through the tough times and make the good times great. This International Friendship Day, we’re treating you to another instalment of @joeydarlin but this time she’s talking fashion AND friendship with her BFF @emaliex. Get inspired by their style, learn about their shared love of fashion and what the true meaning of friendship means to them. You’ll miss your BFF after reading so proceed with caution …

What is the true meaning of friendship?

Emalie: Someone who knows you better than yourself. Someone you can call family and make lasting memories with. 

Joey: It’s the family you get to choose! 

How long have you two been friends?

5 years 

How is your style similar + different? 

Emalie: We both live for jeans and trainers, but I definitely love dressing up and feeling glam which I’ve slowly introduced to Joey since living together.

Joey: We’re both girl-next-door girls that love being glam too! I would say Em is 70% glam and 30% tomboy whereas I’m 70% tomboy and 30% glam!
Did you two bond through a shared love of fashion? 

Emalie: We bonded through makeup, fashion and our silly personalities!

Joey: For sure! It’s also nice to hear how much Em is learning about the difference between plus size and straight size fashion in terms of accessibility and style. We both share a love for the same kind of styles.

Describe each other’s style in three words

Emalie: Joey’s is tombabe, diverse and casual.

Joey: I’d say hers is effortless, pretty and coordinated.

Do you prefer casual or glam looks?

Emalie: Glam looks 

Joey: Casual all day every day! I do love a good glam look though. 

As friends and flatmates, do you share wardrobes and/or style advice? 

Emalie: We’re always talking about outfits and what’s new. I’m a definite culprit for throwing on the odd hoodie or T-shirt from Joeys wardrobe! 

Joey: Yep! I unfortunately can’t steal Em’s clothes, but I love putting her in my stuff and seeing how I can style stuff on her and she definitely has a mooch when I’m out! Accessories we just share! 

What’s one thing you admire about your bff?

Emalie: Her work ethic and how she always pushes to be the best version of herself.

Joey: Her open mind and lack of judgement. So important! 

Who is the quickest at getting ready?

Emalie: Joey 

Joey: Me!

What is the funniest memory you have together?

Emalie: Making mug shot photos of ourselves into memes!

Joey: Em does an INCREDIBLE Beyoncé Crazy in Love dance recital after a night out.