#ImWearingRI: Festival Lookbook Ft. Gallucks

Ain't nothin' like a good festival to kick start the summer, and with Glasto' on the horizon, 2017 is shaping up to be one big sunshine-filled summer of banging beats. To get us properly in the mood we've teamed up with four our favourite bloggers to share their festival style tips and tricks. First up Joel, aka Gallucks!

Joel says: 'Always consider comfort when dressing. At a festival I like to wear something that I feel both confident and comfortable in, 'cause you know you're going to be wearing that same outfit all day and into the night! Don't forget to bring an extra layer like a denim jacket, or a hoodie, for when the sun goes down. You also can't go wrong with a bum bag to keep all your valuables in - it's a lifesaver!'.

Inspired by Joel's outfit or discovered your festival style at River Island? Show us how you wear yours by sharing your outfit on Instagram using the hashtag #ImWearingRI