Easter Weekend - What To Do With The Kids
Easter weekend is always a highlight in the diary. A long four-day weekend, (usually) lovely spring weather and a chance to have some quality family time. While this year may be looking a little bit different to the norm and your plans may be cancelled, good times (and chocolate) still lay ahead! With this extra time at home, you may be running out of things to keep your little ones entertained, but that’s where Katie Impey, AKA @themumlife_styled, comes in. A pro at coming up with fun activities for her girls, Katie has given us some inspiration. Here’s what to do with the kids this bank holiday weekend.. 

Do Some Letter Writing
“It’s never been more important to keep in touch with friends and family, and what better way to reach out to grandparents or friends than with a good old-fashioned letter?”

Fun to write and fun for people to receive, get them flexing their letter writing skills! Send happy notes to the people you can’t see for a while and order in plenty of glitter glue coloured pen and stickers so the little ones can get creative and make something super personal. 

Make Some Bracelets
“We love making things and decided to make personalised bracelets to send to friends and family in exchange for a donation to NHS charities.”

This is one idea we love! Not only a fun way to pass the time, it’s also a great opportunity to raise a bit of money for the people keeping us safe. You can buy bead sets online in different sizes for different ages. Order lots of colours and shapes and sizes and play around!

Give Mummy A Makeover
“My girls are make-up obsessed and as I have nowhere to go or anyone to see right now, why not let them go crazy with the red lippy?”

They watch you do your make up every day, but isolation is the ideal time for them to let them loose with the eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushers. You never know, you could come away with a brand new make-up look...

Make A Reward Chart
“With so much change to their routine, it’s no wonder kids are feeling out of sorts and acting up! In hope of regaining some sort of discipline, we instated a reward chart that the girls decorated!”

Get them excited about the idea of reward chart by letting them make it look good! Give out gold stars for good behaviour, eating well and helping out with chores and every ten stars, give them a little treat. It’s also a great way to keep them busy and help around the house. Win-win! 

Learn TikTok Dances
“Are you even home schooling if TikTok isn’t on the curriculum? It’s a huge hit here, the girls love getting us involved and teaching us routines. It’s a great workout too!”

Don’t be a regular mum, be a cool mum and schedule in some time to learn the latest TikTok dances! Not only will you tire them out, you’ll also get your sweat on – trust us. You’ll definitely win some fun points with this one!