8 Struggles Of A Mini Heatwave

The sun. It’s a rare sight, isn’t it? It’s all we’ve been able to talk about for the past week (and yet we still forgot to moisturise in preparation.) And while we love us some vitamin D, the thought of baring any bit of skin fills us with dread. From shaving to sweating, these are the struggles we all face during a heatwave…

The Hair Removal

Hair removal season is upon us. Better set that alarm earlier, your morning routine just got longer.

The Tanning Process

Repeat after us: fake tanning is a ritual that cannot be rushed. Nobody wants to be speed-applying in the morning half asleep, right?

The Wardrobe Meltdown

Do you go all out with shorts? Should you stick with skinny jeans and grin and bear the sweat? It’s all too much for us.

The Hunt For Last Year's Sunglasses

We will look for you, we will find you and we will wear you. But not before turning our entire bedroom upside down.

The Walk To Work

There’s a spring in our step, the sky is clear, we’re even smiling. Is this real life?

The Sub-zero Temperatures

It may be scorching outside but the office feels like -2. Better rethink that Bardot…

The Panic Buying

Lunch breaks are spent shopping online because your wardrobe currently consists of chunky knits and jeans.

The Rain

Of course the minute the weekend hits, so does the rain. Better get those knits out…

Here are our favourite panic-buy pieces you definitely won’t regret…