Why We’re Supporting The Return Of The Waistcoat

Why We’re Supporting The Return Of The Waistcoat

It’s safe to say, waistcoats are having a bit of a comeback. Forget cowboys and snooker players, we have England’s mighty manager, Gareth Southgate to thank. Not just for the boardroom or groom, the waistcoat is a versatile piece and can be worn done up or undone, with or without a jacket. The possibilities really are endless. From a sartorial suit essential like John Travolta to Russell Brand’s smart casual staple, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane at the iconic looks we’ve been loving…

Sean Connery

The sixties was all about looking slick, Bond style. A three-piece waistcoat suit was a staple in 007’s wardrobe – and should be in yours too. Keep it classic with grey, black or check styles and a crisp white shirt to ooze all kinds of cool. 

John Travolta

Saturday nights have never been the same have they? All white is back - Travolta wasn’t wrong - and if you’re not sure you can pull off (read: keep stain-free) a white suit, a white waistcoat is a good place to start. 

Johnny Depp

If a three-piece suit isn’t your thing, ditch the jacket and tie like Mr. Depp. A waistcoat and trousers still ticks the formal box, choose one colour or mix it up and finish with a white shirt. Cowboy hat optional.

Russell Brand

If casual is more your thing, throw it back to the indie-rock days like Russell Brand. Not one to button up a shirt, choose a black waistcoat and leave it loose. Wear with the punk rocker wardrobe staple: skinny jeans.

Lewis Hamilton  

Hamilton is an avid waistcoat-wearer and isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone. A casual men’s waistcoat and a t-shirt serves all kinds of looks and he stays bang on trend with a striped monochrome print. Finish the look with suede loafers and you’re good to go.

Gareth Southgate

If you look up ‘smart’ in the dictionary, you’ll more than likely find a photo of Southgate. He just gets it right, doesn’t he? Stick to one colour palette and choose a statement-making striped tie for a winning look. 

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