What To Wear To A Wedding With Raja Sapra

What To Wear To A Wedding With Raja Sapra

The temperature is (finally) hotting up and so is your social calendar. Yes, summer is here. From weddings to garden parties, it’s time to step up your occasion game. We know it’s not always easy to swap your go-to jeans for fancy threads and come out feeling like you, so we invited some friends of RI to Liverpool’s Style Studio to talk dressing up without selling out. In part 2 of our summer occasionwear series, we caught up with fashion blogger, Raja Sapra, to see what his wedding guest style is...

What’s the occasion? Wedding Reception baby!

Is there a dress code? There is indeed - just come slick, suave and Sapra!

Why is it special? Summer weddings are always special, the best thing about summer probably!

Got a plus one? Always!

Whose side are you on? The bride or the groom's?

Hm, whoever dresses better, I'm taking their side!

Do you have a strategy for lasting the day? 

Making sure my Pagh (turban) is on point!

Which guest are you going to be? The on that's always on the dancefloor.

Which guest will you be avoiding? The aunties - especially the ones that ask me when I'm going to get married!

Any pre-wedding aniexty - how are you styling it out?

I think I'll be alright.

What would be on your gift list? Anything that looks expensive, even if it's not.

Do you have a funny story to share?

One time I crashed a wedding during lunch for the free food! An old lady came up to me and asked if I was the grooms brother whilst I was eating. Let's just say I'm never doing that again!

Tell us about your look…

My look is simple but timeless. I feel like you can never go wrong with a navy suit and white shirt. I paired my look with a pair of suede brogues and a bright coloured pocket square to make the outfit pop. Don't forget your sunnies too!

Steal His Style...

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