Top 8 New Year’s Eve trends

Top 8 New Year’s Eve trends

Public service announcement: Don’t not pack away your sparkles! This is the last party of 2019 so make it count. If you think you can’t top your best Christmas looks, we’re here to tell you (kindly) that you are wrong. We know, we expect a lot from you… but we know you have it to give. And, ofc we’ve got some inspiration for you. Our magic eight New Year’s Eve trends as worn by some of favourite style crushes. 

The Sparkler

“I’ll be spending NYE at a house party with the family”

This trend shines so bright it should come with dark glasses! Compete with the disco ball in a sequin embellished dress. If you want to add a little edge, make like our girl @thesilvermermaidxo and pair it with knee-high boots.

The Trophy Top

“I don’t wait for a New Year to go for what I want, so I don’t do resolutions. What’s meant for me is meant for me”

What did we do before jeans and a nice top? The winning combination makes us feel fancy but not try hard and keeps our legs warm when we’re waiting in line. We love how @chloepierreldn has styled this one-shoulder body with mom jeans and oversized hoops. Teach us your ways…

The IT Blazer

“I predict that 2020 will bring me more success, you have to believe it to make it happen”

Do like our muse @rollinfunky and wear it as a dress, rock it with jeans or vinyl leggings, whatever you do, just wear it! The blazer is this season’s party hero and has been given a luxe makeover for the occasion. Leather look, with puff sleeves or diamante encrusted, make sure it’s just that little bit extra. 

The Fancy Shirt

The button up shirt got fancy and we are feeling it! Yes, we love a timeless classic, but why not add a little sparkle to the mix, tis the season after all. If you’re going to go out, go all out like @romeosfashionfix and work a double dose of sequins, bc you are the star of wonder. 

The Tux Dress

You don’t have to be a superstar DJ to look like one. Take a tip from @ashleylouisejames and make a tux dress your floor killer. Keep it simple in plain black with boujee buttons or go for a jewel encrusted or tassel trimmed style for the ultimate NYE statement.

The Jewel Shade

If you are what you wear, let them know how rare and precious you are in a decadent jewel shade. Whether you’re a pink diamond like @sophiasellwood or prefer a sapphire or emerald vibe, remember you’re a queen and not just for the night!

The Luxe LBD

Who wore it best? Sorry but there’s no contest @biancaffoley and @brasilnality are both starting fires in this studded mini dress. If you’re staying loyal to the LBD this year we have one suggestion: little black dress, but make it luxe. 

The Fancy Floral

"I don't have any plans for NYE, I might stay in with a cheeseboard and play board games"

Florals, for New Year… now that’s groundbreaking. You can 100% bring this pretty print into the winter, if @felicityhayward is working it, then we are going there too. From grunge inspired daisies to expressive watercolour designs, there’s only one rule: bloom honey!