Together | Laugh Loudly

Together | Laugh Loudly

There’s a reason why they say that laughter is the best medicine, it actually improves your health! Reducing our stress hormones as well as just being good for the soul, we encourage you to LAUGH LOUDLY! Here’s our favourite ways to have a chuckle…

When the group chat is lit

As much as we moan about being added to *another* group chat, there’s nothing like the back and forth banter between you and your dearest.

That funny dog video

Dog videos will never get old and that’s just a fact! Whether you’re watching a compilation vid on YouTube or one catches you off-guard on insta, we love ‘em.

Your favourite meme

There’s always that one meme that makes you laugh no matter how often it pops up on your insta feed, even if no one else gets it.

When someone falls over

Seeing someone fall over will never not be funny (as long as no one got hurt, of course)! And it’s even funnier if it’s one of your pals.

When you get the giggles at the wrong moment

Remember being at school and getting the giggles and not being able to contain them? We love that shoulder-shaking-can’t-breathe feeling.

Being stupid with your BFF

No one gets you, or your sense of humour, like your bestie! You often laugh at how much people would judge you if they saw how you acted behind closed doors…

Remembering the night before

That feeling of waking up next to your pal and re-living the night before is always a guaranteed laugh. Even if you only find it funny a week later once the hangxiey has passed…

When you and your friends get TOGETHER

There’s nothing like getting together with friends and laughing until your cheeks and stomach hurt. The small things.