Style Lessons We’ve Learnt From Madonna

Style Lessons We’ve Learnt From Madonna

Believe it or not, Madonna turns sixty, yes 6-0 today. She’s living proof that age is definitely just a number and is never one to keep it low key. A fashion icon in her own right, she epitomises everything we love about the 80s and is the queen of mixing up her look. From her Met Gala outfits to her post-yoga tracksuit, here are the style lessons we can all learn (and there’s not a cone bra in sight…)

1. If in doubt, wear all black…

But make it fancy. Inspiration: Like A Prayer. Bejewelled crown and veil optional. 

2. Co-ords have never gone out of fashion…

When you’ve got 4 Minutes to get dressed, a matching set is an obvious choice. 

3. Dare to bare…

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Madge can teach us all a thing or two about expressing ourselves. 

4. Tracksuits are a weekend essential…

Especially when they’re velour. What else do you wear to your Saturday morning yoga class?

5. You can never have too many accessories…

More is always more in Madonna world. We say long live the hair scrunchie. 

6. Camo is always cool…

Madonna shows us how to make army print Vogue. Even on the red carpet. 

7. Always be EXTRA

A faux fur jacket is enough to make any Material Girl centre of attention.   

Feeling inspired?