Love From Me

Love From Me

With February 14th on the horizon and cherubs and rose petals filling the stores, we can’t ignore the big V. But with love on the agenda, are we ignoring something even more important?


This February, we’re romancing ourselves first, because we believe love starts with from within. We give so much time to our family, pals, SO., dating and work (along with everything on our Netflix queue) but how much time do we spend on real self-love?

We’re not talking facemasks and ice cream, although they definitely factor into our Valentine’s Day plans, we’re talking proper affirmations. I am amazing because?

We asked friends of RI, well versed in the topic of self-love to write themselves a love letter, thinking about why they should be their own Valentine. And, because so much of what they said hit home, we put the best bits together to give you a little shove in the direction of… you!

Tune in to the exclusive LOVE FROM ME series every day on IGTV, we’ll be showing one letter every day until Valentine’s Day.

Take a sneak peek at what’s to come...

“Your Asperger’s doesn’t define you, it’s just another one of your layers. I hope you are now ready to show them to the world because after all, you’re a rainbow fish.”

Love from me, 


“As you get older these stretch-marks will become part of who you are, they are part of your growth as a woman, they are your tiger stripes and you will wear them with pride.”

Love from me, 


“Your imperfections are what make you perfect because they are what distinguish you from everyone else and in reality, you’re the only person who sees them in that way.” 

Love from me, 


“You took control of the way you were perceived as a cancer patient. It has revealed something you never knew was there, you learnt a different type of self-love.” 

Love from me, 


I remember the days you used to get teased in school. If I could go back to that kid, I would tell him that there’s more to life than looks and what people say. 

Love from me, 


“The disappointments of so many rejections have never dampened your fire. Thank you for never giving up and for being so tough.” 

Love from me, 


“You have learnt to love your body and to embrace your scars. Now they are part of your amazing personality. You are my leopard, fierce and strong and beautiful.” 

Love from me,