How To: Do Date Night At Home

How To: Do Date Night At Home
During isolation, we’ve had to change our daily routines quite drastically and while we can’t go out for meals, drinks or to see a show (for now), it doesn’t mean our love lives need to suffer! We’re not about to let social distancing stop the course of true love so we’re here with some ideas on how to have date night at home, whether you’re coupled up or single, as well as outfit inspo from our Islanders At Home. Thank us later…
If you're isolating with your partner:

Take it in turns to recreate your favourite meals (or just order them in) and turn your living room into a restaurant. Get dressed up as if you’re actually going out, light some candles and put on your favourite playlist!

Have a cocktail making night! You may not be able to get out to a bar for your favourite tipple but order a cocktail making kit, look up different recipes online and get your home bar fully stocked. You’ll be leaving isolation with a new skill!

There’s nothing like a snuggly night in, but since all we are is in at the moment you need to make it special. Get your favourite films lined up, order plenty of treats and make the fort of your childhood dreams in your living room. You won’t want to leave!

If you're not isolating with your partner:

Isolating without your partner is hard, but FaceTime or Zoom is your best friend. Order each other a surprise takeaway (we’re hoping you know their dream order), get dressed up and eat it together virtually.

You can still Netflix and chill from a distance! Watch a film together over video call but make sure you download the Netflix Party extension so you can play at the exact same time. Get your favourite treats in, get comfy and snack together. It might feel odd at first but you’ll get used to it!

Have a virtual double date! Get one of your other coupled up friends involved and get on Zoom. Make sure everyone has some drinks, snacks and you get some games lined up. You could even put on a party playlist to feel like you’re all out-out together.

If you're single and dating:

Enjoyed dating pre-quarantine? That doesn’t need to stop! If you’re still swiping on the apps (gotta pass the time somehow) why not set up a virtual date? We suggest starting with a phone call first if you’re feeling camera shy.

If the vibe is there, it’s time for a video call! Dress up like you would for a first date (but this is your chance to ditch the tight jeans and heels, they’ll only see you from the waist up) and if you need to calm your nerves, have a couple of drinks on hand like you would on an irl date.

We get that video calls can be awkward, so plan some games to play together like 21 questions or jump on Houseparty and make use of the games they have available. If all goes well, plan a movie night for your next online rendezvous!

Get cosy or get glam!