How to connect with Dad this Father's Day

How To Connect With Dad This Father's Day
Father’s Day looks a little different this year but somehow it feels even more special. If you haven’t seen your Dad in months or just miss spending proper not-socially-distant time together, use this Father’s Day to reconnect and show how much you care. Lockdown restrictions are slowly easing up so let’s get creative with our celebration ideas and think outside the box. Dads deserve more than just a card and a hug so let our ideas inspire you to make this Father’s Day the best one yet! 

Organise a picnic

You can never go wrong with a picnic! Food + being outside = a good time. Just remember to check the weather before you set off to avoid a soggy sandwich situation. If you don’t live with your Dad and social distancing applies this is the perfect way to celebrate while keeping your distance. Set up with blankets, a speaker, his favourite foods and a couple of beers for the perfect picnic. All he has to do is show up!

Watch the footie

Let’s be honest, the return of the Premier League is the best Father’s Day gift your Dad has ever received but you can make it even better by watching it together. Whether you watch the game in your garden (socially distancing ofc) or virtually via zoom, get into the footie spirit with your biggest supporter – dad.

Go to the cinema

When was the last time you went to the cinema? Treat your Dad this Father’s Day by booking tickets with the Luna Cinema for a drive in experience he’ll never forget. Park up in cars side by side to watch classics like Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and Reservoir dogs. The cinema experience isn’t complete without all the delicious snacks so treat your Dad to a mouth-watering hamper too. 

Go Send your love digitally

If you can’t see your Dad this Father’s Day why not send him some love virtually? It doesn’t beat an IRL hug but sending an e-card is the next best thing during these strange social distancing times. Or show how much you miss him by recording a cute message for him to watch.  It might not be a new wallet, but a personal video will definitely pull at his heart strings and score you some brownie points!

Go for a hike

Remember all those walks you moaned about when you were little? Oh, how times have changed. We don’t know whether its lockdown or growing up but these days a hike sounds like a good time. Surprise your Dad this Father’s Day by organising an epic hike complete with all his favourite supplies. Fresh air, good snacks and dad jokes - what more could he possibly want?! 

Order a takeaway
It seems simple but never underestimate the power of good food! Treat your dad to his go to takeaway and make it a proper event. On Father’s Day, portion sizes don’t exist so go all out and order him a feast. If you’re eating together make it an occasion by setting the table but if you can’t why not order the same takeaway and have a meal together via zoom?  Good food and good company can’t be beaten even when done virtually.